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Occasional Invader Identification & Prevention In Anaheim, CA

What are occasional invaders?

Below are the most common occasional invaders in Anaheim:

  • Centipedes have long, flat bodies with one pair of legs per body segment. They are quick-moving predators.

  • Millipedes have a round-worm-like body with two pairs of legs per body segment. They are slow-moving decomposers.

  • Sowbugs have flat, oval bodies and seven pairs of legs. They consume organic debris and decaying plant matter.

  • Silverfish have a teardrop-shaped body, metallic scales, and three bristle-like tails.

  • Crickets have six legs and are usually black, brown, or yellow. They have strong hind legs they use for jumping.

You can eradicate all of these pest invaders with a home pest control treatment from A-1 Bonded Termite. Contact us today to learn more.

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Are occasional invaders dangerous?

For the most part, these occasional invaders are nuisance pests, which means they don't spread diseases or cause damage like other home-invading pests. However, a few of these pests are known for the following problems:

  • Centipedes can deliver painful bites, which can cause skin irritation and other problems for people who are allergic to their venom.

  • Millipedes contain hydrochloric acid, which can cause skin discoloration and burning.

  • Crickets can cause painful sores and rashes if they bite, but it is rare for them to do so.

In general, pests can trigger allergies and asthma, as well as contaminate food and surfaces.

Why do I have an occasional invader problem?

There are several reasons you could have an infestation of these occasional invaders. These pests often enter a home when there are drastic changes in the weather, which cause them to seek shelter and adequate food and water sources.

They can get inside through open doors and windows, cracks in the home's exterior, or by being carried in accidentally.

Where will I find occasional invaders?

These occasional invaders can be found in similar places once they enter a home. These places include basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. They are usually attracted to dark, damp, and warm areas.

How do I get rid of occasional invaders?

While they may not seem like a big deal, the presence of occasional invaders are often a sign of other issues such as moisture problems and accessible entry points. If you are dealing with any occasional invaders, contact us at A-1 Bonded Termite. In addition to our Anaheim service area, we also offer general pest control services in Long Beach, Santa Ana, and the surrounding areas that cover all the pests mentioned above.

Treatments such as our whole-property fumigation services are available as one-time services, but ongoing services are on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis as recommended to keep pests away year-round. You can learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services for occasional invaders and other pests by contacting us at A-1 Bonded Termite.

How can I prevent occasional invaders in the future?

Along with ongoing services, you should also work on reducing conducive conditions on your property to help keep these unwanted critters away. Seal potential entry points and reduce moisture by repairing leaks, removing organic debris from your yard, and using dehumidifiers where necessary.

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