Are There Ghost Ants In My Anaheim Home?

ghost ants drinking water

Forget ghouls – if there's one pest you don't want haunting your Anaheim home, it's the ghost ant, also called the black-headed ant. But what are ghost ants, and what attracts them? Here's everything that Anaheim homeowners should know about identifying ghost ants, what ghost ants eat, and how to get rid of ghost ants with pest control in Anaheim.  

What Are Ghost Ants?

Ghost ants get their name for a reason. Growing up to 1/16 of an inch in length, most of a ghost ant's body is translucent white, including its antennae, legs, gaster, and pedicel. 

Only the head and thorax of the ghost ant have darker coloring, which can give the appearance that these ants disappear and reappear when they're scurrying across countertops. 

Some homeowners may confuse ghost ants with pharaoh ants since they both have light coloring. However, pharaoh ants have pale yellow bodies and two nodes on the pedicel, whereas ghost ants are paler in color aside from their dark heads and upper bodies.

It's also possible to mistake ghost ants for odorous house ants because of their similar sizes, but odorous house ants are completely brown and do not have white legs or bodies. 

Do Ghost Ants Have Wings?

Do ghost ants have wings? Ghost ants do not grow or possess wings, so you don't have to worry about these pests floating around your Anaheim home. If you see a white-looking ant with wings, you're not looking at a ghost or an ant at all – it's more than likely a termite. 

Termites can look similar to ghost ants due to their small size and light coloring, and while they are generally larger and darker than the worker termites, reproductive termites do grow wings. Unfortunately, finding termites in your home is an even worse discovery than ghost ants. 

Regardless of whether they are true ghost ants or termites mistaken for these tiny white ants, you'll want to make sure you have professional help to ensure they are removed from your Anaheim home. The experts at A-1 Bonded Termite can help. Call today to find out more about our home pest control services. 

What Do Ghost Ants Eat?

What attracts ghost ants? Ghost ants are attracted to human food, especially anything sweet or containing protein. If you leave even a few crumbs out, these critters won't hesitate to overtake your countertops. This can make any kind of food preparation difficult – once they smell your food, you may be fending off ghost ants as you try to cook dinner, and these pests may even contaminate your leftovers as well. 

Are ghost ants dangerous? Besides contaminating your food, ghost ants are one of the few ant species capable of transmitting bacteria. They do this when they crawl across surfaces where you prepare or eat food, and eating this contaminated food could make you or someone in your house sick. 

These ants rarely bite or sting people, and even if a ghost ant did bite, their bite is not medically significant to people. For many Anaheim homeowners, the hardest part of dealing with ghost ants in your home is how difficult they are to eliminate. Without professional pest control, it's almost impossible to control ghost ants on your own. 

As the infestation grows, ghost ants may create multiple colonies in different nesting locations of your home, which can make them even harder to control. Even if you find one of their hiding spots, they may have several more around your home. 

How Can I Treat The Ghost Ants In My House?

You shouldn't have to deal with these spooky pests any time of the year, but how do you get rid of them? You can take small steps to prevent ghost ants in Anaheim with proper food and trash storage, but the easiest way to deal with an existing infestation is by working with the experts at A-1 Bonded Termite. 

With years of experience working in the pest control industry and combating pests like the ghost ant, our family-owned and operated company offers effective pet, kid, and eco-friendly solutions. 

If you have ghost ants haunting your Anaheim home, or you think you're seeing a similar-looking pest, like termites, don't wait to call. Contact us today at A-1 Bonded Termite to learn more about how our ghost ant control services work or how you can protect your home from these pests.