The Ultimate Guide To Yellow Jacket Control For Anaheim Homeowners

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Yellow jacket control is an essential part of Anaheim pest control. Yellow jackets are serious business. They can be some of the most aggressive pests you’ll encounter around your home, and they’re not easy to get rid of. This article will teach you how to identify a yellow jacket, some of the threats that yellow jackets pose, and how to discourage yellow jackets from invading your home.

To be better prepared to handle these stinging insects, it’s important to learn some yellow jacket facts.

How To Identify A Yellow Jacket

The yellow jacket wasp is similar to other types of wasps in certain ways, but they have their distinguishing traits. In terms of size, expect yellow jackets to be between ¼ and ¾  of an inch long. If you notice what seems to be an especially huge yellow jacket, there’s a good chance it’s a hornet.

Yellow jackets are known for their distinctive yellow and black coloring, which covers most of their bodies. They have long wings that are solid in color. Like other wasps, yellow jackets have slender waists between their body sections. You can also tell a yellow jacket by their aggressive behavior, which brings us to the threats of having yellow jackets nearby.

Potential Threats A Yellow Jacket Infestation Could Pose

Getting rid of yellow jackets is much more than just ridding your home of an annoyance. It’s also about avoiding some of the risks that these pests present to humans. The most serious threat that yellow jackets pose is their sting and the effects of that sting. Yellow jacket stings are very painful, and for someone who has an allergy to insect stings, a sting can also prompt a life-threatening allergic reaction.

This would be a slightly less serious risk if yellow jackets were known for being docile and staying far away from humans, but that’s just not how these pests behave. Yellow jackets are aggressive and they like human food. This combination of traits can easily lead to dangerous confrontations.

Factors That Attract Yellow Jackets To Your Yard And Home

Let’s talk about what attracts yellow jackets and what keeps yellow jackets away.

Here are some of the things that can attract yellow jackets to your home:

  • Easily accessible garbage cans
  • Places that could be used to establish a nest, such as dense shrubs, siding, and fertile soil
  • Exposed food, especially sweet foods or soda

As these are the key factors that attract yellow jackets, there are some clear ways to keep yellow jackets away from your home. Seal up your garbage cans and make sure not to leave out any food, especially sweet foods. Also, check your home regularly for active yellow jacket nests. That way, even if your prevention tactics fail, you’ll be able to resolve the infestation quickly.

If you want to discourage yellow jackets from coming near your house, you can also use plants that have a strong smell. For example, smells like peppermint and citrus may naturally deter yellow jackets from approaching.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of A Yellow Jacket Infestation

When it comes time to safely eliminate a yellow jacket infestation near your home, the best thing you can do is to contact a professional for stinging insect control services in Anaheim. Pest elimination pros know how to approach these kinds of situations with caution and practiced techniques.

A1 Bonded Termite can provide you with the yellow jacket control services you need to keep your home, and especially your yard, a happy and healthy place. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Anaheim.