Spider Control In Different Climates: Strategies In Anaheim For Every Season


One of the best things about living in Anaheim is the weather. Whether you get most excited about our hot summers or mild winters, this is the place to be if cold weather isn't for you. Many spiders feel the same way. Our climate allows spiders to thrive all year round, which can become an issue in homes in the area. Learn the strategies you need to know about spider control in Anaheim for every season.

Understanding Anaheim's Seasonal Spider Activity

Although spiders can be an issue all year long in Anaheim, there are certain times of year when they are more prevalent. Southern California spiders start showing up in homes in Anaheim in the fall and winter. Although the temperatures are still warm enough for spiders to be fine outdoors for most of the year, it is noticeably cooler in the winter than in the summer, and spiders can tell the difference. Furthermore, we get more rain in the winter. This often drives spiders inside as they try to avoid the wet weather.

Although you're likely to see more spider activity in the fall and winter, spider eggs usually hatch in the spring. This can increase the number of spiders in and around your home, but these spiders are often overlooked because of how small they are.

Sealing Entry Points: Protection Against Spiders In Every Season

To get rid of spiders and prevent them from getting into your Anaheim home, regardless of the season, there are several things you can do. First, you have to seal the entry points that spiders use to get inside. Small cracks and crevices, holes in your siding, tears in screens, and gaps around windows and doors can all let spiders inside. By sealing up these entry points, you can help avoid a spider infestation.

Another thing you can do to prevent spiders is to make sure you don't have any other pests in your house. Spiders often get into homes while following a food source. If insects are present in your house, spiders will be attracted to your home. By getting rid of other pests, you can prevent spiders.

Regular Cleaning Habits: A Year-Round Spider Control Routine

Keeping spider activity out of your house is possible if you take the right preventative measures. Although simply keeping your house clean isn't going to be all you need to stop a spider infestation, it can certainly help. Keeping your house clean will also help you avoid other pests, which in turn will help you avoid spiders.

  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Clean off your counters and wash your dishes after each meal. 
  • Sweep or vacuum your floors regularly.
  • Take out your trash regularly. 
  • Take care of any moisture issues in or around your home.
  • Get rid of spider webs that you find in your house.
  • Eliminate clutter around your house.
  • Seal all entry points into your house.

With the right cleaning routines throughout the year, you can help minimize your chances of ending up with common house spiders in your Southern California home.

Indoor Sanctuaries: Effective Spider Control Strategies That Work

Natural remedies for spiders like the ones above are simple ways to avoid spiders, but sometimes, they're not the only thing you need to keep spiders out of your Anaheim home. If you're finding spiders in your house, you need an A-1 Bonded Termite. We offer spider control to eliminate your spider infestation.

Local spider control combined with general pest control is the best way to ensure spiders and other pests stay out of your home. A-1 Bonded Termite provides the effective and high-quality services you need. Contact us today.