How To Identify And Control Carpenter Bees Around Your Anaheim Home

Carpenter bee

Bees can be difficult pests to remove from your home, especially carpenter bees. Do-it-yourself home remedies often won’t be enough to take care of these insects, so you’ll need to find professional bee removal in Anaheim. With A-1 Bonded Termite, you know you’re getting high-quality pest control with every single visit. 

How To Identify A Carpenter Bee

In many ways, carpenter bees in Anaheim look and act similar to honey bees and bumble bees. They’re usually less than 1 inch long. They’re black with yellow stripes. They’re pollinators, which means they can be beneficial to the ecosystem. However, carpenter bees are unique in that they have smooth abdomens and fuzzy thoraxes. A carpenter bee’s middle section is fuzzy, while the last third of its body is smooth and shiny. Carpenter bees are solitary insects, meaning they don’t live in colonies like other bees.

The biggest difference between carpenter bees and other bees is where they lay their eggs. Carpenter bees drill holes in wood to create galleries, or open spaces, to lay their eggs. These bees have strong mandibles capable of chewing through and smoothing out wood. Unlike termites, carpenter bees don’t eat wood; they’re only trying to create a nest.

The most common sign of a carpenter bee infestation is the presence of smooth, round holes in wood. You might find piles of sawdust near those holes. You may even see bees going in and out of the holes they create. If you’re worried about carpenter bees or suspect the wood around your home is damaged, look for evidence of an infestation. If you find you need carpenter bee removal, consider using a professional service. 

Carpenter Bees Will Only Sting If Provoked

Like many other bee species, carpenter bees are not aggressive. They don’t seek out people to sting. However, they will react defensively if they feel threatened; attempting to remove the bees or their eggs can put you at risk of being stung. Carpenter bees’ venom is similar to that of other bee species. Most people experience localized pain, itching, and swelling after a sting. If you develop shortness of breath, pain or swelling that extends past the sting site, nausea, or other severe symptoms, you may be allergic to the venom.

The more significant concern with a carpenter's bee infestation is property damage. Although a single carpenter bee won’t cause much harm to your home, a growing infestation will cause problems. Property damage from carpenter bees will only grow over time. The longer you ignore an infestation; the worse off your house will be. It’s best to work with a professional company for carpenter bee control so you can be sure your home is protected. 

Best Thing To Do About Carpenter Bees On Your Property

Why is A-1 Bonded Termite your best option for carpenter bee exterminators in Anaheim? First of all, we provide free home inspections and flexible scheduling. When you call us with a carpenter bee problem, we’ll get to your home as quickly as possible at a time that works for you. Once we’re there, we’ll perform a thorough inspection, looking for any evidence of carpenter bees, where they’re residing, and any related issues. Then, our licensed pest control technicians will walk you through the best course of action to treat the infestation in your home.

We prioritize treatments with a low environmental impact, which may mean bee relocation or safe treatment for your home. We offer free treatments between your regularly scheduled services if the infestation ever returns. When you have carpenter bees taking up residence in your home, you need pest control you can trust. You’ll find that with A-1 Bonded Termite. 

How To Prevent Carpenter Bees From Coming Back

Once we’ve removed the carpenter bees from your home, you’ll want to take steps to ensure they don’t return. These carpenter bee prevention tips will help you protect your home from insects:

  • Paint or stain any wood around your home. Carpenter bees prefer to infest bare wood.
  • Seal any cracks or holes around your home, especially in wood. Small gaps can let carpenter bees enter your home.
  • Make sure all windows have intact screens made of fine mesh; this also helps keep carpenter bees outside.

When carpenter bees start making nests in your home, you need professional home pest control services in Anaheim. With A-1 Bonded Termite, you’ll get the highest quality treatments at an affordable price. Call today to learn more about our options.