How To Prepare Your House For Fumigation

Fumigation tent.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of fumigating your home; there are steps you can follow to ensure your home is ready to be treated properly. Remedy many insect infestations with full home fumigation, but termites, in particular, succumb to fumigants very well. By following these pre and post steps, to prepare your home for fumigation by the professionals at A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. to achieve the highest level of success possible. They are discussing everything from making living arrangements to removing food items. Some things might be obvious while others are obscure, so here is a list of everything you are preparing your house for fumigation.

Steps To Take When Preparing for Fumigation

Make Living Arrangements

Prepare to temporarily evacuate your home during the time of fumigating the building. While this may be an inconvenience, living free of insects in your home is well worth it. The times vary depending on the type of infestation, along with many factors, and can take up to a week before it is finally safe to reenter. The chemicals used are not safe for you or your pets to be inside your home during fumigation.

Seal Consumable Items

Everything from pet food to medicine must be either completely removed from the site or double sealed in thick Nylofume bags. If a container is unopened with its original seal intact, it is not necessary to bag or remove these items. Other items besides food would include dental items, tobacco products, and personal hygiene products.

Open All the Interior Doors

Whether it is a bedroom door or a closet door, open it. Every cabinet, drawer, and appliance should be open. If it can be opened, open it. The goal is to allow as much of the fumigant gas to circulate through the home. You can leave your windows closed but open the blinds or drapes.

Clothing & Dishware

These items do not need to be removed or sealed. The gas used in fumigation does not leave any residue. Make sure to clear countertops of small appliances and dishware. There is no harm in washing your belongings after the treatment is complete to ease your mind if you feel unsure.

Schedule Gas Shut Off

You may need to schedule with your gas provider 48 hours in advance or more, a shut-off, and post-fumigation restoration.

Exterior Preparations

Prepare the outside of your home for fumigation, and you may need to move potted plants and any other movable structures away from your home. Trim any trees or bushes that come in contact with the structure. Also, starting a few days prior, water the soil surrounding your home at least 18 inches from the exterior walls.

Cleaning & Organizing

Cleaning up as much of your house as possible before fumigating starts. Sweep up all loose debris inside and outside of the home, also vacuum all carpets, and mop all hard floors. Clean all hard surfaces like countertops and sinks.

Odds & Ends

So your housing is set, home is clean, and gas is ready to be shut off. There are few other things you need to have ready for the professionals. Arrange a key for the fumigation team to gain access. If you are leaving a vehicle in a garage, make sure it is unlocked and cleaned as well. Also, remove any indoor plants. Lastly, before you leave, make a final walk-thru. Double-check, there are no pets or living beings left behind.

Preparing for home fumigation can be a daunting task, but with the right preparations, you can ensure the process is a success. The experts at A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. are here to help with all your extermination needs. Any questions about fumigation, whether you scheduled already or are just starting the process, can be answered by our professionals.