What To Do About Cellar Spiders Inside Your Anaheim Home


There are many kinds of spiders in Anaheim. Luckily, despite their bad reputation, most spiders in the area are harmless. People hate spiders because they look scary and can bite, but most spiders don't have venom potent enough to harm you. These arachnids are also not very aggressive, and most tend to avoid humans as much as possible.

One spider species you've probably seen before is the cellar spider. These spindly-looking pests invade the inside of homes and like to hang out in damp areas like cellars or basements. While cellar spiders aren't considered dangerous, they are still unwelcome in homes. If you're looking for help with spider control, read this helpful handbook provided by the experts at A-1 Bonded Termite.  

What Does A Cellar Spider Look Like?

There are two main categories of cellar spiders: long-bodied and short-bodied. Both kinds have oval-shaped bodies and are yellow, light brown, or gray. They also are relatively small and rarely get bigger than an inch long; the males are much smaller than the females. The long-bodied species are larger and have elongated abdomens.

Cellar spiders have eight legs, but what sets them apart is how thin and spindly their legs are. Their long legs often get them mistaken for daddy long legs, but they are different species. Daddy long legs, whose official name is harvestmen, aren't even spiders. They are another type of arachnid.

Habits Of The Common Cellar Spider

Luckily, cellar spiders are considered nuisance pests. They are usually found in places with high humidity, whether inside of homes or around outbuildings like sheds and barns. Another way to identify cellar spiders is by their nets. They spin loose, irregular webs in corners, under eaves, and ceilings.

You'll often see cellar spiders waiting for their prey as they hang upside down. Another fascinating behavior of the cellar spider is that they will pulse their bodies to vibrate their webs to help trap insects. This species builds new webs upon the old ones to create a messy cobweb look in a short amount of time.

Cellar spiders aren't anything to worry about regarding property damage or health risks. These spiders and their webs make a property look dirty, but you don't have to worry about spider bites. While they could technically bite, this rarely happens.

What Attracts Cellar Spiders In Anaheim?

Like all spiders, cellar spiders come around to search for their prey. While other pests crawl indoors to find shelter, excess insect prey will bring spiders. So, you likely have cellar spiders due to an underlying pest problem. You might not even realize you're dealing with an insect infestation, but removing spiders also involves removing their smaller prey.

So, while cellar spiders might not be dangerous or destructive, they indicate you're dealing with multiple pest problems. The easiest way to handle cellar spiders and their insect prey is with assistance from Anaheim spider control experts.

Complete Spider Removal For Anaheim Residents 

If you're finding cellar spiders around your property, you probably want them gone as quickly as possible. Their webs look gross and can accumulate quickly. To prevent and control these spiders, you'll also need to practice general pest management steps. The simplest and most effective way to remove arachnids and their prey are with Anaheim pest control services.

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