The Best Way To Keep Rodents Away From Your Anaheim Residence

Deer mouse rodent prevention

Anaheim residents love the Southern California weather, their proximity to Disneyland, and so many fabulous restaurants, hotels, and shops. Anaheim residents do not like that their proximity to these tourist attractions also puts them at risk of encountering a more significant number of rodents.

Removing and preventing rats and mice is one of the biggest pest concerns in Anaheim. No one wants to have a mouse in the house, and everyone wants to safely and effectively deter rodents. Knowing the characteristics of rodents and how they are most likely to behave is the first step to keeping them away from your home. Your best containment method is learning everything about their types, behaviors, and food preferences. For pest control in Anaheim, contact A-1 Bonded Termite. 

Characteristics Of Common Rodents

The two most common rodent species found in Anaheim homes are rats and mice. You may think that mice are just small rats or that mice are infant rats. The truth is that these are two different species of rodent. Although they have similar characteristics and behaviors, they have some distinguishing characteristics.

Mice are smaller than rats, can make nests in tiny spaces, are often seen scurrying in kitchens, and usually forage alone. By contrast, rats like roof rats thrive in the winter, are often discovered hiding in basements, and may hunt in small groups.

Mice and rats are nocturnal for the most part and can survive in a variety of environments. They are excellent climbers and can squeeze their bodies through very small holes. Both like seeds, nuts, and grains and will often carry food somewhere else to consume it. They often make their nests with shredded paper and insulation. Both mice and rats can have multiple litters per year, with numerous pups in each litter. With a gestation period of only around three weeks, these rodents multiply quickly.

No matter how small the rodent is, it is still a threat to your home and health. Most people worry about the diseases mice carry, but these creatures are equally likely to damage property as they are to spread disease.

Why You Don’t Want Rodents Hanging Around Your Property

Rodent control is critical because the diseases rats carry and the ones transmitted by mice can be severe. However, the property damages these creatures can cause are costly and can put your home at a greater risk of fires and other disasters.

A mouse or rat can easily chew through the protective insulation covering electrical wires, phone wires, and cables. Once the protective material is broken on these wires, they are more likely to start a fire. The creatures will chew on cords to electrical appliances or even the main wires that move electrical currents throughout your home.

Four Practical Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around Your Home

Effective rodent control in Anaheim includes mouse prevention. Preventing rodents from wanting to take up residence in your home is more effective than trying to remove them once they have established a presence.

The four best methods of exclusion and prevention for rodents are:

  1. Remove any stacks of firewood or debris sitting close to the house.
  2. Keep garbage sealed in containers with lids that shut tightly.
  3. Keep all pet food in airtight containers to control smell and access.
  4. Fix any water leaks on the exterior of the house or beneath the house.

These four things will help prevent rodents from wanting to get inside your home. The only way to be sure they are excluded from the house and do not come back is to use professional service technicians with experience dealing with rodents.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Your Home

Protect your Anaheim home and everyone in it by enlisting professional help. Rodent issues can be far more extensive than you think, and getting rid of these pests can be difficult. Request a free inspection from A-1 Bonded Termite if you suspect rodents are in your home or want to prevent them from moving in with you.