What Every Anaheim Resident Should Know About Honey Bee Control

bee eating nectar

One of the joys of life is a warm biscuit with golden honey smeared on it. Honey from bees is not only nutritious, but its high antioxidant content gives it powerful healing properties. We get to enjoy this healing superfood called honey because of honey bees. The downside to honey bees in Anaheim is that they can sting. 

If you are battling honey bees on your property, you need the best pest control in AnaheimA-1 Bonded Termite. Since 1976, we have been serving the Anaheim area by removing insects like honey bees so homeowners can enjoy their properties. We can stop honey bees from ruining your outdoor experience at your Anaheim home. 

What Types Of Bees Are In Anaheim?

There are approximately 4,000 bee species in the United States, and about 1,600 are native to California. There are two groups of bees in California: social and solitary. These are bees typical to the area: 

  • Bumble bee: This social bee builds nests underground in abandoned rodent burrows, attic soffits, and above ground near patios and decks. Bumble bees have a large, hairy, 1-inch black oval body with yellow stripes. These bees defend their nests aggressively. 
  • European honey bees: This social bee species pollinate over 100 crops in the United States. Because they do not store food or harbor young bees, they are docile and attack only when threatened. A honey bee colony may house up to 80,000 bees and consists of workers, drones, and a queen. A honey bee has a 1/2 inch, hairy, orangish oval body with golden bands.
  • Africanized honey bees: This aggressive social bee lives in small underground colonies and other places like mailboxes, tires, and crates. Nicknamed "killer bees" because they chase their prey up to a quarter mile, these bees look similar to European honey bees with slightly smaller bodies. 
  • Carpenter bees: This bee is a solitary bee species that looks like a bumble bee, but its habits are different. Unlike bumble bees that build underground nests, carpenter bees create their home by digging holes in the wood in trees or buildings. The top of their black abdomen is hairless and shiny compared to a bumble bee's hairy abdomen. Male carpenter bees do not sting. 

These are the solitary and social bees requiring bee control in the Anaheim area. 

Is It True That Bees Can Only Sting Once?

Unlike wasps, honey bees (European and Africanized) have a barbed stinger. When defending against predators, they use the stingers as a defense mechanism; however, when they sting a mammal or human, the hook-like barbs catch on the thick skin. When the bee attempts to leave, it cannot remove the barbed stinger; the stinger and the venomous sac pull out of the bee's body and kill it. 

Due to their smooth stinger, bumble bees and carpenter bees can sting multiple times like a wasp. Although male carpenter bees are aggressive if you are near a nest, they do not sting; only the females cause injury, and they sting only when threatened. Bumble and carpenter bees are like European honey bees and are not aggressive when away from their nest; they do not chase people. 

Remove bees from your Anaheim property with pest control for bees and wasps from A-1 Bonded Termite; don't risk being stung by Africanized honey bees or angry female carpenter bees,

What's The Best Way To Remove Bees?

Using a bee control service like A-1 Bonded Termite is the best way to remove bees from your property. European honey bees create large colonies of tens of thousands of members, and the soldier bees attack when they feel threatened. Removing a European honey bee hive can be dangerous if you do not wear protective clothing and can properly dispose of the nest. 

Africanized honey bees create colonies in difficult-to-reach areas like junk piles, utility poles, and empty cars. Because this honey bee species is aggressive, removing their nest can be dangerous. Likewise, carpenter and bumble bees can sting multiple times without dying, inflicting great pain on their victims. Use bee control in Anaheim from A-1 Bonded Termite to safely remove bees from your property. 

Is There A Way To Deter Bees?

You can deter bees from creating colonies on your Anaheim property by doing the following:

  • Remove dead trees and debris from the yard
  • Keep outdoor garbage cans closed
  • Cover compost piles
  • Replace rotting fence posts and landscaping timbers
  • Trim shrubs and trees
  • Clean up after outdoor picnics or cookouts

These tips will help control bees in the backyard along with the pest control services from A-1 Bonded Termite. Our trained technicians will evaluate the situation, identify the bee species infesting your location, and develop a custom plan to remove the bees from your Anaheim home. Contact us today and request your free inspection.