How Long After Fumigation Before It's Safe To Enter My Anaheim Home?


Having fumigation performed on your property can be nerve-wracking as it is new territory for most people. But fumigation doesn't need to be a mysterious process when you work with A-1 Bonded TermiteWe have provided pest control in Anaheim for over 45 years.

We can answer all your questions and more about types of fumigation and perpetration to help you make an informed decision. With A-1 Bonded Termite, you will know exactly what is going on every step of the way. 

How To Tell If Your Home Needs Fumigation

Fumigation is a great option depending on the pest you are dealing with, and even so, it's not always necessary for specific situations. Pest problems that most often need fumigations are bed bugs and wood-destroying insects, including powder-post beetles, termites, and wood-boring beetles.

Fumigation is especially reliable when removing drywood termites. The best way to determine if your home needs fumigation is by working with a specialist that can identify the pest you are dealing with and the size of the infestation.

There are also different types of fumigation, such as:

Again, an expert will help you determine which is best for your pest control needs.

How To Prepare For Fumigation Services

Proper preparation for house fumigation is essential to eliminate your problem and keep everyone safe.

Here are the steps to take when getting ready for fumigation services:

  • Remove all living things, people, plants, and pets, from the property.
  • Remove all mattresses that are in plastic covers. 
  • Remove or double-bag all food, medications, and tobacco, not factory sealed, in a plastic glass or metal container, including everything in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Keep electricity on to run fans during the process. 
  • Remove all cars and boats from the garage or carport; any vehicle left needs to be unlocked with the windows down and trunk open. 
  • Unlock all rooms, closets, and cabinets for full access
  • Turn off the air conditioning during the process.
  • Cut foliage 18 inches from the building and move potted plants at least 2 feet away. 
  • Remove antennas and satellite dishes if possible. 
  • Turn off all automatic controls for appliances, lighting, and sprinklers.
  • Get natural gas and water turned off. 
  • Remove anything valuable or irreplaceable from the property. 

Fumigation specialists provide more detailed instructions before the process begins.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Enter My Home?

Understandably, this is one of the most common questions people have before experiencing house fumigation. However, there are no straightforward answers, and this is for several reasons, including regulations in different states. Re-entering your home is also determined by a test and certification from a licensed fumigator. 

Fumigation Services Made Easy For Anaheim Homeowners

Getting fumigation services can be daunting, especially if you've never needed them before. But the fumigation process is made easy when working with A-1 Bonded Termite.

To ensure smooth fumigation services, we provide the following preparation and information resources:

  • A fumigation checklist to prepare you for your services 
  • A general information document to answer all your fumigation questions
  • A fumigation planning guide that outlines each day of the fumigation process
  • A Vikane fact sheet to inform you about the product we use
  • A whole-house fumigation facts resource to tell you what you need to know

Call A-1 Bonded Termite to learn more about our fumigation offerings.