5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Mice

Mouse on a tree root with foliage around it.

Though mice might make cute pets, the ones that find their way into our homes and workspaces aren’t exactly what we want to adopt as the newest family pet. The common mouse can spread diseases through their urine, droppings, saliva, and nesting materials. And unless you have some magic spell to turn some mice into your very own sidekicks as Cinderella enjoyed, the chances are that you’d prefer them gone, and fast.

Not everyone wants to be calling their local exterminator, though, to get rid of the pesky house mouse. If you are like many homeowners, you would prefer to rid your home or office of pesky rodents naturally before taking more extreme measures. But no matter what you do to get rid of mice in your house, you need to start by removing the proverbial welcome mat. Mice don’t need much to make themselves comfortable. So, make sure that you make your food hard to get by sealing it in air-tight containers. And, be sure to sweep or vacuum up spills promptly.

Signs of mice can include small scraps of food tucked into corners of your pantry, or mouse droppings. If you have found evidence of mice-like visitors in your home, try one of these 5 natural ways to get rid of mice!

Get Rid of Mice Naturally with These 5 Strategies

We have several strategies to try if you want to get rid of a mouse the natural way. But before you get started, be smart about what you try and what you don’t. You need to practice pet-safe pest removal if you have pets in your home. And if you have young and curious children in the house, some of these methods aren’t recommended for you.

1. Aluminum Foil

Most of us have aluminum foil at the ready in our kitchens. Whether it is the sound, the texture, or the shininess, mice happen to hate aluminum foil. If you have a few areas where you have found evidence of mice in your kitchen, laundry room, or elsewhere, give aluminum foil a try! Make a few wads and place those foil balls in areas where you believe that mice might enter your home.

2. Essential Oils

Just as with most animals, certain critters are turned off by certain scents. If you are into essential oils, bust out the peppermint oil. Or, if you have some cayenne pepper, black pepper, or cloves laying around, bust those out instead. Mice are not fond of these smells. You can make cheesecloth sachets with these spices and oiled cotton balls inside. Then, place them in those areas where you have found evidence of mice in the past. Mice like to hide under beds and in corners, so be sure to place your aromatic arsenal in those spots as well.

3. Kitty Litter (Or A Cat)

If you have a cat, the chances are that your kitty will be able to chase that mouse right out of your house. But, if Chester or Garfield aren’t doing the trick, try some kitty litter. Just like your cat doesn’t like mice, mice don’t care for cats much either. When that pesky mouse catches the scent of the kitty litter, they’ll likely find their exit from your house without letting the door slam on them on their way out.

4. Ammonia

This is an excellent alternative if you don’t have any kittle litter on hand. Ammonia smells like the urine of common predators. Fill some small plastic containers with ammonia and leave them out in areas where a mouse might explore. And remember that warning about other pets and children? Keep kids and your beloved pets away.

5. Electronic Beepers

We are more likely to suggest an electronic beep device than a humane trap. Electronic beepers work especially well if you want mice to stay away for the long-term. These devices help areas where you don’t spend much time, such as in the basement, laundry room, or garage. The sound is not harmful to your house pets, and you can pick up one of these devices for $30 to $50 at your local hardware store.

Need Help Removing a Pesky House Mouse?

If your natural efforts aren’t doing the trick, you might need professional help to get rid of mice in your house in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. A-1 Bonded Termite does more than take care of termites. Contact us by phone at (949) 341-4694 or by email at a1email@a1bondedtermite.com. We’re also happy to provide you with a free inspection. Let us help you safely rid your house or workspace of pesky mice.