Weevil Infestation: Causes, Prevention, And Effective Removal Methods For Anaheim Homes


Most homeowners think of the kitchen as the heart of their home. So, when bugs invade this area, it can cause a lot of frustration and headaches. One of the most annoying bugs California homeowners have to deal with is the weevil. This odd-looking bug will invade your pantry and ruin your food in a short amount of time.

At A-1 Bonded Termite, our Anaheim pest control specialists can find and remove the weevils in your home. Here is a look at what you should do if you think you have a weevil infestation on your property. 

Key Features For Weevil Identification: How To Spot These Pests

Weevils are unique-looking insects with small bodies that only measure about an inch long. Their colors can vary slightly from species to species, but most weevils have dark reddish brown or black bodies. Their pear-shaped bodies are separated into two segments. Their heads are much smaller than the rest of their body and feature two long antennae and a prominent snout. Some weevils have a pair of wings on their back that they use to fly short distances. Other types of weevils have no wings, but they use their six tiny legs to run really quickly. 

Weevil Infestation Effects: Risks To Agriculture And Stored Products

Nobody wants to see a weevil in their home. If you do see one of these creepy-looking bugs, you should know that they are not known to spread diseases or any harmful pathogens to humans. Most people consider these bugs to be nothing more than nuisance pests. However, while they can't cause you direct harm, they can cost you a lot of money by running your pantry foods and outdoor crops. Here is a look at some of the common types of weevils found in this area and the destruction they can cause: 

  • Black vine weevil: You usually find this type of weevil outdoors. They are larger than most weevils and can measure around 12 millimeters long. They like to snack on various flowers and other ornamental plants at night. 
  • Wheat weevils: Also called grain weevils, these weevils have small wings but cannot fly. You commonly find them in pantries where they eat various grains and wheat products. 
  • Rice weevils: You commonly find these weevils in bags of rice, cereal, and other grains. They use their long snouts to drill holes into the rice. They are so small that most people don't see them until they start to cook the rice and see the dead weevils floating on top of the water. 

There are over 100 types of weevils found in this area. If a weevil is in your home, it is likely the type that eats stored food already harvested. 

Proactive Measures: Tips For Preventing Weevil Infestations

Weevils are sneaky little bugs that can easily climb into your bags of flour and other food packages when you are not looking. To keep weevils out of your home, you will need to keep all flour, grains, oats, cereal, and other pantry foods in a sealed container. 

If you see any weevils in your dry food packages, throw them out immediately. If you accidentally eat food with weevils, they will not likely harm you. However, if you have weevils in your pantry, it could attract more weevils, and you will soon have a weevil infestation in your home. 

Banishing Weevils For Good: Contact Us For Total Weevil Elimination

If you are seeing weevils in your Anaheim home, give us a call today. At A-1 Bonded Termite, we can eliminate the weevils in your home quickly, and we will work with you to ensure that they don't come back in the future. Contact us today to request a free inspection!