Help! There Are Bed Bugs In My Anaheim Home!

Bed Bug

With pests like bed bugs, it’s natural to have a little bit of panic. These insects come out at night and bite you while you are sleeping, feeding on your blood. This is a scary situation that you probably want to eliminate as quickly as possible.

At A-1 Bonded Termite, we are ready to provide effective and professional bed bug control in Anaheim. We understand the uneasiness and loathing that these insects create for homeowners, and we are ready to give you the benefit of our nearly five decades of pest control experience.

We only employ fully licensed and trained experts to work on your bed bug problem. We promise to treat you like we’d treat our own family.

The First Step Is To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

Before you start worrying about the potential for bed bugs, it’s important to be certain that you are seeing these insects. If you see what you believe is a bed bug, it will be reddish-brown and will be about the size of an apple seed.

Because these insects move at night, though, you may not see the actual insects all that often. Bed bug signs include:

  • Red spots on the bed sheets and blankets
  • Red welts on your skin that itch that have no other explanation
  • A musty odor that has no other explanation
  • Eggshells and molted skins in the room

Do not wait if you believe you may have a bed bug infestation. The problem almost certainly will not go away on its own without intervention. Our Anaheim professionals at A-1 Bonded Termite are ready to help you determine exactly what is happening.

How Bed Bug Infestations Spread

You may be wondering how you end up with bed bugs in more than one room of your home. 

  • Do bed bugs jump? No, but they can crawl fast across carpeting from room to room.
  • Do bed bugs climb walls? Yes, and this is one of the most common ways they move from the floor to the bed.
  • Do bed bugs move inside blankets? Yes, if you carry a favorite blanket around the home, the insects could hitch a ride to a new room.

The best way to avoid an infestation of bed bugs is to reach out to our team of experts. We can provide the elimination techniques you need for the results you want to see.

Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs From Finding Their Way Into Your Home

Where do bed bugs come from? They can enter your home in a variety of ways, including hitching a ride on luggage after a trip or on second-hand furniture. Be very careful about bringing these items into your home. You may want to leave these items outdoors for a few days to keep the insects outdoors.

Kids can even pick up these insects while at school through a backpack.

If you live in a multi-family home, bed bugs could move from one unit to another. Just keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs and reach out to us for an inspection if you believe you are seeing them somewhere in the building. 

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

DIY bed bug control processes simply don’t work the majority of the time. These pests are notorious for hiding during the day, making it difficult for inexperienced homeowners to understand exactly where they are hiding and how to reach them.

Our team at A-1 Bonded Termite has the know-how to seek out these pests and eliminate them. Bed bugs in Anaheim are challenging to control, but we do not back down from a challenge. We back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Call us today for more information on how we can help you with your bed bug problem.