Winning The Battle Against Ants In Anaheim: Expert Advice On Effective Control


It’s not unusual to see dozens of ants outside, but do you need to worry when you see a few in your house? The truth is that even nuisance ants can be a problem for Anaheim homes. Learn how to prevent ants in your home and where to turn for ant control in Anaheim with our helpful tips below.

The Life Cycle Of Ants: How Ant Colonies Develop

While there are many different types of ants, they all share similar life cycles and social structures. Ants go through four stages of development, much like many other insects. They begin as eggs that hatch into larvae. The larvae go into a pupal stage before becoming adults. The adult ants are what sets the structure for the ant colony. An ant colony has a queen or several queens, depending on the species. These ants are in charge of reproducing. Male ants are also responsible for reproducing, and they die shortly after mating with the queens. Worker ants make up the majority of an ant colony. All worker ants are female.

Ant Problems: Ants In The Home Can Be More Than A Nuisance

Ant control for homeowners may seem unnecessary, but if you’ve discovered an ant or two in your house, you may want to think again. Usually, the presence of one or two ants means that others are nearby, and while some ants are nothing more than a nuisance, others can be a danger to your home or family.

Carpenter ants are a common ant species to get into houses, and they are also very destructive. They chew through wood as they build their nests and tunnel systems, which can make the structural components of your house weaken over time.

Argentine ants are another common ant species in Anaheim. Although they are mainly considered a nuisance ant, they are an invasive species you don’t want around your house. Like any ant species, Argentine ants can contaminate your food if they get into your home, putting your family at risk of illness.

Fire ants are another ant species that is a problem in Anaheim. While these ants are more commonly found outside, they occasionally get into homes. Even outside, these pests are a danger to your family. If disturbed, they will swarm and deliver dozens, or even hundreds, of painful stings.

Professional Ant Control: Eliminate The Infestation

Getting rid of ants when you find them in your house or around your yard is a smart choice to avoid the problems they cause. A-1 Bonded Termite provides ant pest control near you to protect your Anaheim home. We offer effective ant control, as well as year-round services to make sure you don’t end up with another infestation.

Ant Prevention Tips: Keep Your Home Ant-Free

Ants are one of the most common pests in Anaheim, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to avoid an ant infestation in your house. These ant prevention tips will help keep your home ant-free.

  • Seal entry points into your house, including tiny cracks and crevices.
  • Cut back tree limbs and foliage that touch the sides or roof of your house.
  • Take care of any moisture issues around the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Keep your food stored in airtight containers.
  • Take out your trash regularly.
  • Keep countertops, sinks, cupboards, pantries, and floors free of crumbs, spills, and messes.

If you start seeing ants in your house, contact A-1 Bonded Termite for the ant pest control services your Anaheim home needs. We will get rid of your ant problem in its entirety.