How Do I Get Rid Of Roaches In My Anaheim Home?

cockroach crawling on a broom

Finding a cockroach in your home is never a fun experience. These local insects are not just creepy to look at, they are also dangerous and somewhat destructive. All of these things together make roaches a terrible foe. Thankfully, these pests are not invincible. There are many great ways to address an active infestation of these insects inside your home. Take the time today to discover some information about the cockroaches in Anaheim and learn how to stop them from causing trouble inside your home. Call A-1 Bonded Termite if you would like our help dealing with these pests. We will offer you some amazing options for pest control in Anaheim and give you some service times that might work for you and your home.

How Can I Be Sure It's Roaches In My Home?

There are lots of bugs here in Anaheim, and some can be easily misidentified as roaches. Keeping this in mind, how can you know for certain that your home has a cockroach infestation? It helps to know how to identify these pests. All roaches have six legs, flat, oval-shaped bodies, and long straight antennae. They vary in size from a fraction of an inch to close to two inches in length and they come in a few colors including brown, tan, and reddish-brown. You will most commonly find roaches hiding in secluded, tight spaces that are moist and greasy. This might include under your refrigerator, stove, or furniture. If you would like help knowing if your home has a cockroach problem, bring in our team for a quick and thorough inspection. We will find out for certain if these pests are around and suggest some options to give them the boot.

How Bad Is It To Have Roaches In My House?

It is hard to imagine that a bug as small as a cockroach can cause big problems indoors. The truth is, roaches are among the most dangerous pests here in Anaheim. They cause problems with the filth they carry inside and on their bodies. They pick up this filth from trash cans, the fecal droppings of other animals, and other nasty areas. After crawling through and eating nasty things, these pests bring bacteria, pathogens, and parasites into homes. If you ingest a food or beverage that is contaminated by these pests or interact with a surface they have crawled over, you could get very sick. We would like to help you avoid diseases cockroaches carry.

Why Do I Have Roaches In My House?

Cockroaches only invade homes for a few reasons. Here are a few of the most common things that might attract these pests to your home.

  • A crack, gap, or other opening that offers easy entry into your home
  • Some crumbs of food under your couch
  • Open or accessible boxes of cereal or other food in your pantry
  • Moisture in your sink, bathtub, or kitchen
  • Spilled drinks on the floor or countertops
  • Tight spaces to hide throughout your home

Most homes offer cockroaches what they need to be happy. If you are looking for how to get rid of cockroaches for good, we have what you need.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches In My House?

Cockroach control is easy when you have a professional on your side. Our team at A-1 Bonded Termite would be more than happy to pay you a visit to identify a cockroach infestation and give these pests the boot. We can also offer some long-term solutions to keep future pest invaders at bay.

Call A-1 Bonded Termite now to find out more about our cockroach control options and find a plan that best meets your needs.