What To Do About The Crickets Around Your Anaheim Home

black cricket on wood porch

The world is a noisy place! We are constantly bombarded with our phones ringing, buzzing, and chiming alerting us to calls, texts, and emails. Daily we sit in traffic listening to angry drivers honking and the sound of roaring engines. One place we want to have the possibility of silence is our homes. We want to come home, shut the door, and lock out the world as we enter our refuge, relax, and unwind after a long day. 

Sadly, many of us cannot enjoy silence even in our homes because of crickets. We open the windows to allow the fall breeze to cleanse our room, turn off the lights, and lie down to unwind in the silence when suddenly, it sounds like an army of crickets chirping outside the room. 

If you are tired of crickets disturbing the peace at your house, you need the Anaheim pest control professionals from A-1 Bonded Termite. We have been rescuing homeowners from obnoxious crickets for over 45 years. As a leader in quality pest control, we can stop the crickets from ruining another relaxing evening at your Anaheim home.

Can Crickets Fly?

Whether or not you will see a flying cricket depends upon the species. Of the nearly 5,000 cricket species, some have wings and can fly, others have wings but cannot fly, and others do not have wings and cannot fly. Three types of crickets are in Virginia: field crickets, house crickets, and camel crickets. Of the three types, camel crickets cannot fly because they do not have wings, and although field and house crickets have wings, that does not mean they can fly. 

The crickets chirping outside your window are likely the house or field crickets. There are two types of field crickets, short-winged and long-winged crickets. Short-winged field crickets cannot fly because their hind wings are shorter than the forewings, whereas long-winged field crickets have the opposite wing arrangement. Long-winged field crickets do not fly long distances smoothly like birds; instead, they fly short distances in jerky motions. House crickets can fly, but they prefer to hop or crawl. 

Chirping Sounds: What Is The Purpose?

If you cannot rest at night due to cricket noise, blame the male crickets because they are the noise makers. Male crickets chirp while you are trying to sleep because they are nocturnal insects trying to find a mate, seduce a female cricket, or ward off an unwanted male suitor or predator. 

The rhythm of the cricket sounds at night depends upon the purpose of the chirp. For example, to attract females, the cricket chirps out a courtship song. The flirting song's goal is to call attention to the qualities of the cricket to the surrounding females. The longer the calling song, the more impressive it is to perspective female mates; a courtship song may last three to four hours! 

A female acknowledges her acceptance of the courtship song by touching her antennae against his. Once she indicates her interest, he starts the second song, which sounds more like a purr, to seduce her. Once the lovemaking is complete, the female moves to a location to lay eggs, and the male resumes his courtship song. 

Crickets At Night: How To Silence The Anaheim Crickets

Although professional pest control from A-1 Bonded Termite is the best way to get rid of crickets, these practical tips will help reduce cricket sounds at night:

  • Remove debris from the yard
  • Relocate firewood at least 20 feet from the house
  • Keep outdoor garbage cans closed and elevated
  • Cut the grass on a lower setting regularly
  • Trim the bushes and trees
  • Limit the use of exterior illumination
  • Keep window shades closed to minimize light from the house
  • Provide proper ventilation in the basement or crawlspace

Although you can expect cricket insect sounds to increase in warmer weather, utilizing these tips will help reduce the number of crickets on your Anaheim property. 

Professional Cricket Control For Anaheim Properties

The best solution to get rid of crickets is A-1 Bonded Termite. When you schedule your free inspection, we will examine your property and note hot spots, attractions, and possible entry points where crickets are getting into your Anaheim home. Next, our professional technicians will create a custom treatment targeting the cricket issue. Upon completion of treatment, we will follow up based on your preference. 

Our decades of service in the Anaheim area, our A+rating Better Business Bureau rating, and the constant referrals from our satisfied clients demonstrate that we know pest control; we can resolve your cricket problem. Contact us today and schedule your free inspection.