What To Do If You Spot Dampwood Termites In Your Anaheim Home

termites infesting a home

There are lots of termites around the world. Some live here in Anaheim. One species you should know about is the dampwood termite. This local, destructive insect causes extensive damage to properties. Here is what you should do if you spot dampwood termites on your Anaheim property and how to prevent these pests in the first place. For information about professional termite control, check out our service page. It is designed to inform our community about their options for termite pest control in Anaheim and will put you on a path to pest freedom. 

Signs Of Dampwood Termite Damage You Should Look Out For

Dampwood termites are not invisible. They are, however, incredibly silent and difficult to identify. Why? Because they infest wood structures and seldom come out to crawl or fly through living areas. The only time these pests do come out is during swarming season. Swarmers are a special kind of termite with wings and a reproduction system. Their task is to find new areas to begin new colonies. If you see what seems like long ants with longer, oval-shaped wings inside or around your home, you have a termite problem. Other signs of termites include shed wings, holes in wood, soft or hollow wood, visible galley ways, and droppings. For help with termite identification, have our team pay you a visit.

Just A Few Termites Or An Infestation?

It is hard to know if your home has just a few termites. These pests are quiet and can avoid detection for months or even longer. There is, however, one simple way to know if your home has an active infestation or will have one soon. It involves looking for swarmers. If you see winged termites around your home, it means your house is at risk. On the other hand, seeing these winged termites indoors is usually a clear indication of an active and severe problem. We recommend scheduling your home for a yearly wood-destroying insect inspection. We offer this professional service to help you identify infestations before they become severe indoors.

Repairing Dampwood Termite Damage

Once termites get into a home, they do not stop eating until there is nothing left to eat. What does this mean for you? It means lots of damage. The thing that will determine how damaged your home gets is how quickly you notice these invaders. If you catch a problem early, you could get away with minor damage and a few hundred dollars in repairs. If you let a problem become moderate to severe, however, your home could need extensive work in order to remake structurally sound. We have heard of people paying tens of thousands of dollars to repair their homes after a termite infestation. We like to help people avoid this by providing comprehensive termite identification and protection services

Total Termite Control Services: No Problem Too Big Or Small

There is no best time to invest in termite control. It is always a good time to do this. At the very least, we recommend scheduling your home for a yearly wood-destroying insect report. If you can afford to do more, consider one of A-1 Bonded Termite’s year-round treatment plans for the absolute best way to ensure termites stay out regardless of how tasty your home may be. All we want is to serve you and find a solution that best combats these wood-destroying pests.

Contact our team now to learn more about dampwood termites and how to protect your Anaheim home. We will schedule an inspection and get you on the path to total protection.