Are Mice In Anaheim Invading Your Home?


Have you ever kept a mouse as a pet? When purchased from pet stores, these tiny rodents make great pets, but pest mice are a different story. Mice in Anaheim are an extremely prevalent pest problem and aren't just a nuisance. These rodents carry diseases with them and can damage your property. If all that wasn't enough, they are also prolific breeders that quickly get out of hand.

Signs Of Mice In Your Anaheim Home

Mice are much bigger than insects, so they should be easy to spot; however, this isn't the case. Mice are primarily nocturnal and spend most of their time living out of sight of humans. They can even fit through holes the size of a dime, trying to avoid us as much as possible, so you might not see a mouse until the infestation has grown out of control. There are some other helpful visual signs of mice to watch out for, however, such as:

  • Hearing scurrying or squeaking noises
  • Finding chew marks around your home
  • Noticing pantry items are torn or chewed
  • Smelling an ammonia scent from rodent urine

These signs could mean you have mice or, potentially, rats. It's best to get an inspection of your property from Anaheim pest control experts to know if you're dealing with rodents.

Can Mice In Your Anaheim House Make You Sick?

Mice might have cute little faces, but don't let them fool you. Unfortunately, these rodents commonly carry germs and spread diseases. Some of the illnesses they transmit include salmonella and rat-bite fever. The other issue is that mice don't just spread germs when they bite, as the buildup of their fur, urine, and feces also makes people sick. Their droppings often release hantavirus.

Along with the risks of illness, mice also trigger allergies and asthma attacks for some people. You don't want to have mice around for all these reasons. 

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Anaheim Home

Since mice pose significant health risks, they're a pest you'll want to prevent proactively. However, if you're already dealing with mice in your Anaheim home, trying to remove them on your own isn't advisable. Mice infestations are challenging to eradicate without help from professionals. 

You'll save time, frustration, and money by reaching out to our Anaheim rodent control experts. We'll assess your property to determine how large the infestation is and devise a plan to eliminate the problem swiftly.

But, if you don't have a current infestation, now is the perfect time to take preventive measures. 

Natural Mouse Prevention Tips For Anaheim Homes

Many of the best ways to prevent mice are eco-friendly and only involve using products you have access to around the house. You need to reduce the factors that attract mice, such as access to food and water. Here are the tips we suggest following:

  • Cover vent openings with wire mesh
  • Wipe up food and drink spills right away
  • Keep kitchens clean
  • Vacuum often to remove access to food
  • Place lids on all trash cans 
  • Reduce moisture issues by fixing leaky faucets
  • Repair holes in the walls with steel wool or metal plating

Our team at A1 Bonded Termite offers customized, high-quality rodent control services for prevention and elimination. Contact us today to request a quote.