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VA Loan Inspections In Anaheim, CA

VA Loan Inspections From A-1 Bonded Termite

For many people, it’s a dream come true to own a home. There are various hurdles involved. After figuring out if the surrounding neighborhood can meet your needs, you’ll need to find a suitable property that’s available. Then, you’ll have to discern if the purchase is feasible. One common financing option is a loan. Depending on personal factors such as age, you may qualify for specific offerings. Individuals who have been in the military could be eligible for lending through the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, which issues VA Loans.

When utilizing VA Loans for home-buying, the residence may need an inspection before any amounts are approved. We at A-1 Bonded Termite in Anaheim perform these evaluations and are verified specialists. Our team of home pest control professionals in Anaheim is eager to help you achieve your property goals. Read on to learn what we have in store.

Our VA Loan Inspection Program

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A-1 Bonded Termite has over 30 years of experience with VA loan transactions. We thoroughly understand the requirements, including completing the NPMA-33 form, a document that reports any activity or wreckage from wood-destroying insects such as Anaheim termites or wood-boring beetles. We are certified inspectors, and loan officials highly regard our findings. Our expert team will assist with repairs for domiciles affected by pest infestations. We can promptly address any active problems with creepy crawlers. The work we do can greatly increase the chances of you passing certification.


We will not survey mobile homes and recreational vehicles because VA loans will not provide loans for them. Structures have to be on a solid foundation. Our staff will assess overall quality; measures like stability and sanitation are important. The dwelling needs to be free of pests, especially rodents and wood-destroying bugs. Some of our treatments are positioned traps, fumigation, and wood renovation.

Pest Control

To eradicate insects and creatures, our state-licensed technicians may use mechanical methods. We will employ barriers, traps, screens, and similar physical tools to remove or kill pests. These resources are best for indoor scenarios, but they can go outside as well. Our chemical approaches mainly consist of pesticides. Organic avenues are a neutral medium between the former two resources and developed from plants and natural, environmental chemicals.


The goal of structural fumigation is to asphyxiate critters by emitting gaseous pesticides. This three-day process begins with preparing your habitat to be sealed off with tarps. Next comes aeration. Fans with exhaust tubes will absorb the fumigant and take in the fresh air. Before our workers leave, they’ll confirm that the air quality is at a safe level. Call us today to get going or to learn more about our Anaheim fumigation offerings!

Plans & Packages

A-1 Bonded Termite services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our wide-ranging residential and commercial pest control subscriptions start at $30 monthly. Plans exclusively for termites are a minimum of $25. We can do on-site, free estimates with no obligations; real estate termite inspections are $85 for single-family homes.

Active and retired military personnel have discounts available to them. The same goes for public servants and senior citizens over 65. A 10% markdown is accessible for customers with more than one service. Users of the Yelp website can access special coupons. Initiate these perks should at the time of inspection or appointment.

Make sure you get your VA Loan! Keep pests from being an obstacle by contacting us at A-1 Bonded Termite now!

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