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Fumigation In Anaheim, CA

Fumigation Treatment From A-1 Bonded Termite

Maintaining a home or business in Anaheim requires recurring pest control services. Without it, insects and creatures will have an opportunity to destroy your property and discourage visitors. Common treatments companies employ include baits, gels, traps, liquids, and sprays. These avenues repel or kill pesky critters such as Anaheim bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites. Skilled technicians will make every effort to be thorough. However, infestations can be so intense that they necessitate fumigation.

A lot of people assume that fumigation is too dangerous and extreme. In reality, it can be a highly effective solution for both residential and commercial properties. Learn more now about how fumigation works and what the potential benefits are. In addition to Anaheim, we provide pest control and fumigation services in Long Beach and surrounding areas throughout Southern California. We at A-1 Bonded Termite have affordable, safe, and useful offerings that can help you protect your assets.

Our Anaheim, CA Fumigation Options

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Boat & Yacht Fumigation

We perform this type of treatment over a three-day period. Day one is about getting the tools ready, closing up the selected space, and putting out the fumigant into your boat or yacht. On the second day, our careful staff will examine the tightness of the tarps and begin aeration. The final day will pull down tarps and retrieve air samples. If chemical readings are ideal, it’s alright for you to go back onto your watercraft. Learn more about our termite control treatments for boats.

Furniture Fumigation

When you bring furniture pieces to our facility, we’ll place them in a secure container. Vikane gas is released into the chamber, exterminating all internal pests. Your belongings will have to remain in the vessel for three or four days. There won’t be any damage or residual chemicals on the items. We’ll notify you when it’s time to pick up your effects.

Structural Fumigation

With fumigation, we seal off the treatment location and introduce gaseous pesticides to asphyxiate pests. Our structural process takes three days. We complete preparation, sealing, and fumigant release on the first day. The second day involves inspecting tarps and starting aeration, which means pushing the chemicals out and replacing them with fresh air. We will set up a fan connected to an exhaust tube. Last, our expert team will check the air quality and take off the tarps. We will leave a re-entry notice if chemical readings are at or beneath the mandatory target levels. Structural fumigation is especially potent for drywood termites.

Pests Of Focus

Fumigation is applicable for a number of pests. In most cases, we utilize it for bed bugs and wood-destroying insects like termites, wood-boring beetles, and powder-post beetles. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure you feel at ease and informed no matter the situation. At A-1 Bonded Termite, we understand how unsettling severe infestations can be for property owners. Call us today for more details!

Pest Control Packages & Plans

All of our services at A-1 Bonded Termite have a 100% satisfaction guarantee attached. General home pest control and commercial exterminator plans start at $30 monthly. Subscriptions for termites are at least $25. We can provide free, no-obligation estimates on-site.

Discounts are available for active and retired military personnel, senior citizens over the age of 65, and public servants, such as emergency responders, police, and teachers. Patrons taking advantage of multiple services are eligible for a price reduction of 10%. Those who use the website Yelp may have access to special coupons. You must mention specials or coupons at the time of your appointment or inspection.

Don’t let insects and creatures take your home or business away from you. Contact us at A-1 Bonded Termite now!

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