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Tent A Boat For Termites

Finding termites on your boat is always bad news. However, you may need to find out how to tent a boat for termites when it happens. After all, their watercraft means so much more than mere transportation for most boat owners. It represents freedom, recreational opportunities, and the chance to experience nature up close. Therefore, the second you see signs of termites, the time has arrived to act.

At A-1 Bonded Termite, we can help you with boat fumigation to protect your vessel. This article describes our process.

Inspecting Your Boat

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It rarely pays to try to solve a problem until you know precisely what the situation entails. For that reason, we always inspect before we tent a boat for termites. When we arrive to look at your craft, we take some time to discuss what you saw. You can tell us about any signs of termites or the damage they might have caused. Then, we proceed with our assessment of your situation.

First, we look for any evidence that termites have come onto your boat. Some of the signs of termite infestation we look for include:

  • Signs of swarmers, such as discarded wings
  • Mud tubes
  • Holes, blisters, or soft spots in the wood
  • Termite droppings also called frass

Identifying The Termites & Their Colony

We know what termites look like and have the expertise to distinguish them from similar-looking insects. But, beyond that, we need to know what specific type of termites you have. Three types of termites that infest boats in Southern California include subterranean termites, drywood termites, and Formosan termites. Our pest control agents identify the type by their appearance, habitat, behavior, and the amount of destruction they cause.

Next, we assess the extent of the infestation. Finally, we evaluate the maturity and size of the termite colony. If you have a significant number of termites, we usually recommend boat fumigation. Then, upon your agreement, we set up a convenient time to tent a boat for termites.

Preparing To Tent A Boat For Termites

We have to get ready for the process, and you can help. First, we advise you on what you need to remove from the boat. For example, you need to take out any personal items. This not only protects your possessions, but it empties the inside space, so termites have nowhere to hide and escape the gas. In addition, we might suggest removing infested wood before we fumigate.

Now comes the moment you waited for – time to tent a boat for termites. This process takes a bit of time and much experience to get it right. Our team works quickly but skillfully to tent the boat entirely. We use canvas tarps and may add sandbags to hold them in the water. This process ensures that we do not leave any gaps around your boat.

Lastly, we place clips or tape to close any gaps in the tarps. Once we create an airtight seal, we have completed the process to tent a boat for termites. You still have termites on your boat, but now we can eliminate them.

Why Turn To The Professionals To Tent A Boat for Termites?

You might have heard a friend or acquaintance say that they succeeded in getting rid of termites on their boat. And they might have if they only saw a few termites or had a minor infestation. In that case, should you try to eliminate the termites on your boat for yourself? In most cases, you would benefit more by calling the professionals. Here’s why.

Prevent More Damage

Termites can eat up a lot of wood very quickly. Older boats consist mainly of wood, so you need to avoid them chewing up your entire boat. However, even newer fiberglass boats usually have wood trim and other wood parts.

You might discover that the products you use to remove termites do not affect you much. Vikane gas is a more potent termite toxin, but people other than pest control companies cannot get it. You could waste time with inferior treatments while the termites munch away at your boat.

Another problem with self-help termite treatment is when the person does not know how to do it correctly. For example, if they tent a boat for termites, they leave gaps where gas can escape. Or they do not wait long enough for the gas to take effect. Either way, termites remain and threaten to cause more damage to your boat. On the other hand, if you rely on professionals, you get complete and long-lasting results.

Stay Safe

Even if you could get the right toxic gas to tent a boat for termites, you also must consider the safety factor. The professionals at A-1 Bonded Termite take every precaution to ensure your safety and protect the environment. So everyone stays safe except for the termites!

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