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A Useful Mosquito Prevention Guide For Anaheim Homeowners

March 13, 2022 - Mosquitoes

One of the best parts of warmer weather is the ability to spend more time outdoors doing fun activities. However, the downside is how fast the fun can fade into fury when mosquitoes decide to make you their afternoon snack. Of course, it’s nice to dream about living in a place without mosquitoes, but since they’re here to stay, using successful methods to repel them is the next best thing.

While there can be little, you can do to fend off mosquito feedings, enlisting the help of experienced pest control in Anaheim can aid in making your yard a mosquito-free zone. Our professionals at A1 Bonded Termite are highly skilled in providing the most effective mosquito control to make your outdoor events comfortable again, so you and your guests are the only ones doing the dining. Read on to learn more about these insects and the possible diseases they carry.

The Role Mosquitoes Play In Our Ecosystem

Believe it or not, living in a world where there were no mosquitoes would be detrimental to our ecosystem. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with getting bitten and endure the aftermath of itching, redness, and swelling.

If you look at the bigger picture, many insects play a significant role in the ecological structure in which they exist, so removing one living species could disrupt all others. Check out the following list of the many hats that mosquitoes wear:

  • Mosquitoes are pollinators. They aid in plant diversity.
  • Mosquitoes are waste removers. Their larvae feed off parasites, algae, fungus, and other microorganisms.
  • Mosquitoes are rainforest gatekeepers. Their large numbers keep tropical environments unbearable for humans to inhabit and thus, destroy.
  • Mosquitoes are a food source. They make a delicious, high-protein meal for various species.
  • Mosquitoes are useful in medicine. Their saliva can prevent blood clots due to their chemical compounds.

Also, plants benefit from the frass that mosquito larvae produce due to their abundance of nutrients that are easily and immediately absorbed into the root system.

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquitoes Are Known To Spread

As tiny as mosquitoes are, they can pack a pretty powerful punch in their ability to transmit disease. In fact, these insects have been known to spread viruses that have resulted in very serious illnesses.

Unfortunately, many mosquitoes capable of spreading many diseases to humans and animals can be found right here in California. Some of those diseases include:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Saint Louis Encephalitis
  • Filariasis

Mosquitoes in Anaheim are more than just an annoyance, but could be carriers of diseases that can result in severe allergic reactions if bitten. If you’re experiencing a high occurrence of these insects on your property, it's important to take action by contacting your local pest control.

Four Eco-Friendly Mosquito Prevention Tips For Around The Yard

If you need any confirmation that mosquitoes have arrived just in time for the summer months, listen to those familiar slaps that people inflict on the backs of their necks, arms, and legs. It isn’t easy to enjoy all that the warmer season offers when mosquitoes are around. However, there are some steps you can take to repel mosquitoes to make your outdoor living spaces comfortable for you, your family, and any visitors you may have.

Take a look at the list below of four simple, environmentally friendly ways of reducing the occurrence of mosquitoes in your yard:

  1. Deter insects by installing insect-repelling lights.
  2. Redirect standing water from your home by installing a French drain.
  3. Eliminate and dry up any standing water around your property.
  4. Kill mosquito eggs by scattering coffee grounds on top of standing water.

A rather delightful approach to repelling mosquitoes is to plant specific aromatic plants and herbs that these insects find repulsive. Some good options to try are citronella and lemongrass. As for your regular potted plants, keep them indoors, as mosquitoes like to frequent these plants when in the outdoor setting.

The Most Effective Mosquito Control For Anaheim Homes

The best solution to help keep mosquitoes away is to enlist the home pest control services of an established exterminating company, like A1 Bonded Termite. We have been eliminating mosquitoes in Anaheim and the surrounding areas since 1976.

Our longevity and a proven track record of success are just two reasons why Anaheim residents choose us over the competition. We deploy the best pesticide for mosquitoes to repel them from your property. Let our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals assist you today. Contact us at A1 Bonded Termite to schedule your free inspection.

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