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Rodent Control In Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Rodent Control Services

Rodents are among the worst pests you can have in your Anaheim home. They spread diseases, destroy property, and generally make your life miserable. People often forget that rodents encompass a whole range of species, from gophers to squirrels to rats and mice. By far, the worst offenders when it comes to rodent infestations are rats and mice. Rats and mice in Anaheim are a problem for humans because many species have become somewhat dependent on us for survival.

This dependence is especially acute for invasive species living in environments where they did not evolve (think Norway rats living in hot deserts). Their dependence drives rats and mice closer to human habitations and humans ourselves. Not to mention that even if a rodent variety is not dependent on humans for survival, we’re still almost always the easiest and most convenient source of food and shelter. That’s why just about everyone will have to contend with rodents in their home or business at some point.

Our Anaheim, CA Rodent Management Process

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Rodents are extremely difficult pests to get rid of; they breed like crazy and can replace themselves many times over before you finally kill them all. Here at A-1 Bonded Termite, we keep this issue in mind when dealing with rat and mouse infestations. One of the biggest weapons in our anti-rodent arsenal is exclusion.

Killing every rodent in a given area is unfeasible given their explosive breeding habits. It’s also not an ecologically sound practice, as rodents are “bottom feeders” and therefore vital to wilderness ecosystems. They also form a critical building block in the food chain. Even in large cities, birds of prey and other urban wildlife that share human spaces need rodents for food. That means relying on exclusion over wholesale slaughter isn’t just more practical – it’s better for the environment.

Our experts have the training to spot areas where rodents can enter and exit your home. Since rodents, especially mice, can get in through exceptionally small holes that aren’t easy to spot, a trained eye is often necessary to find and seal up every last one. Our technicians can also seal rodent entrances in a way that rodents cannot break through – something tough to do with DIY tools and know-how. Once all the potential entrances are sealed off, rodents will move on to places with easier access. Sealing off all entry and exit holes also ensures any rodents still inside will be caught in traps or boxes.

A Rodent-Free House Is Just Around The Corner

Our Specialty Pest Control program includes some of the toughest pests to get rid of in the Southern California area such as bed bugs, German cockroaches, and - of course - rodents. When we’re dealing with rodents, we thoroughly inspect every corner of your property to figure out the unique nature of your infestation and tailor a plan to fit your home pest control or commercial pest control needs. If you’re ready to have a clean, healthy home free of disgusting rats and mice, give us a call or visit our contact page to set up your free inspection today!

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