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Best Termite Treatment In Anaheim, CA

Looking For The Best Termite Treatment To Protect Your Home?

Termites can threaten all the wood you own. They can ruin your wood furniture. Beyond that, they can compromise the home’s entire structure. Yet, you might not know the best termite treatment. What’s more, even common questions about termite control often do not have obvious answers. With many different treatments available, which will work best? Here’s what you need.

The Best Termite Treatments Begin With An Inspection

Routine termite inspections often uncover termites you did not suspect. However, suppose you already know you have termites. You saw their tiny wings littering the floor around your window. Or, you noticed the termite damage to your grandmother’s antique dresser. Of course, you want to banish the invaders immediately!

However, without a professional inspection, you find yourself in the dark. You really have no clue about the extent of the issue. Moreover, you do not know the best termite treatment for your home and your situation. Therefore, it pays to ask for a termite inspection before you do anything else.

At A-1 Bonded Termite, we start your service with a complete inspection. First, we carefully examine your home’s structural wood components. Then, we look for damage to your furniture. Next, we notice the termites’ stage of development. We assess the colony. Soon, we know the seriousness and type of infestation you have. Then, we have the correct information to recommend the best termite treatment for you.

Two Of The Best Termite Treatment Options

A-1 Bonded Termite pest control agents use the best termite treatments for your home. We usually use one of two treatments. Which one depends on how many termites we find, their location, and other factors.

Typically, the best termite treatment for small, isolated infestations uses a liquid termiticide. These termite-killing liquids work quickly and effectively for a few termites. In addition, liquid treatment can prevent you from experiencing a significant infestation later.

For major termite infestations, we may suggest fumigation. This method gets rid of termites throughout your home. The toxic gas gets into every nook and cranny, leaving no living termites in your house. We can use fumigation for your entire home. We can also fumigate your boat, yacht, or RV. With vault fumigation, we can treat individual pieces of furniture efficiently.

Best Termite Treatments With Liquids

We offer two different types of liquid termite control methods. First, local spot treatment with liquid termiticides might be exactly for you. This sometimes provides the best termite treatment for minor infestations. We determine if liquids will succeed during our services’ inspection phase.

Repellents create a barrier that blocks termites from entering your home. Termites die if they cross that border. We might use repellents if we have termites outside but not a large indoor infestation.

However, we usually recommend non-repellents for existing minor termite problems in a home. These non-repellent liquids do not keep termites out. Instead, the insects get sick and carry the poison to other termites in the colony.

Fumigation For The Best Termite Treatment

For the most severe termite infestations, we usually recommend whole-house fumigation. This treatment requires you to be away from your home while we work. We enclose the entire house in tarps or tents to ensure total termite elimination. Often, fumigation also offers the best termite treatment for moderate termite problems.

We start by instructing you on preparing the home and your family. Then, we place the tarps. Next, we make sure to seal all the openings and gaps. Finally, we introduce toxic Vikane gas to destroy the insects.

Afterward, we test the air in your home until we see that you can safely reenter. Then, when we give you the go-ahead, you can go back inside safely and get back to your routine.

Why Get Professional Termite Treatment?

You may hear about many self-help termite treatments. However, none compares to the results you get from a professional.

Unfortunately, inferior ways of treating termites can cause you a world of problems. First, you may put yourself and your family at risk with unsafe chemicals. You waste money, time, and effort on products that do not work well enough. Meanwhile, the termites multiply and cause more damage. Instead of putting up with all those hassles, call the professionals at A-1 Bonded Termite now. It makes so much more sense!

Discover The Best Termite Treatment Company

A-1 Bonded Termite offers the best termite treatment you will find in Southern California. You have the ideal solution to termites when you call on our team of pest control professionals. First, we provide a thorough assessment of the termite situation. Then, we present you with our suggested plan. If you decide to go ahead, our expert termite control agents begin. Then, we complete the work to the highest standards.

Importantly, our highly effective treatments solve your termite problems for the long term. No matter how many termites have invaded your home, we get rid of them. We destroy their colonies no matter how long the termites have been there. Furthermore, we can repair the wood damage they left behind.

When you choose A-1 Bonded Termite as your termite professionals, you will understand the difference! Once you experience the real termite solution, you can relax and enjoy your home. Contact us today to learn about our superior termite control methods.

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